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Oct 15, 2017 at 2:23 AM
Nov 5, 2011
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Oct 15, 2017 at 2:23 AM
    1. Diana
      Thanks! Merry Christmas!
    2. Yilx
    3. Layell
      Sorry I just can't see the use in that when we have chests
    4. Layell
      Go to the crafting guild building in spawn and there is an incinerator. Not sure what you mean by fridge though.
    5. ToastTyrant13

      the arena was intended for training of a Castform, which is why I had done "Baby Pokemon, Mid-Stage Pokemon, or Single-Stage Pokemon", as opposed to only Baby Pokemon. :x

      Plus No Abilities kinda' defeats the purpose of it...
    6. MrcRanger97
      You need to redo actions.
    7. MrcRanger97
      Our ASB battle is up. post actions plz
    8. tennisace
      generally threads like that aren't allowed because they quickly turn into "I DONT LIKE YOUR IDEAS YOU GUYS ARE WRONG". if you really must, pm me the OP first.
    9. SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET
      Hey, I agree with you about the lack of ghost flavor in CAP (including my own) but before the rage descends you might want to take out that part about chandelure being fire primary :P because knowing the internet they will focus on that instead of what you're actually saying.
    10. Layell
      Our minecraft server hasn't been released yet since we are still waiting on key server software.
    11. BlackDragon007
      Maybe I'm wrong, but I still think that set is still good for a mixed special set with Speed Boost in Ubers, but idk. Lol.
    12. BlackDragon007
      Hey I appreciate you pointing out my mistake in a nice manner. I really didn't know how that worked, but then again, I am new to competitive battling.
    13. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      The sexiest & strongest class cannon in all existence.
    14. Zarel
      Been thinking about it.
    15. Zarel
      Because I'm too cool for bold.

    16. Solstice
      Yup, it's his pouting moment from the last book.
    17. Dogfish44
      I'm gonna talk to you about accuracy stuff.

      When an ASB Pokémon gains a +speed nature, it gains a boost to accuracy as well. This is determined by your speed. Trapinch goes up to 12 Speed. So, we square that to get 144. We then divide by the divisor (The divisors change as you evolve, and are listed in the post I linked to in the reg tower). Since Trapinch is the first of a 3 stage evolution family, it gains accuracy equal to 144/290, which is just below a half. Since your Accuracy boost is below 5%, it is automatically raised to 5%. This means that all your attacks gain a flat boost of 5% to their accuracy. So Fissure goes from 30% Accurate to 35% accurate, and Sand Tomb goes from 85% Accuracy to 90% Accuracy. This will change when you improve, and gives pokémon with +speed natures a useful boost.
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