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I am online now. My user name is RiddikTheReaper. Feel free to challenge me whenever you are ready.
Hello we play for Uber Seasonal. I am gmt+2, wanna play tomorrow night my time?
hi, im gmt-3, i can play rn with you if you agree
im not really sure if i'll be available on sunday but today and another days of the week i'm available 24/7
Layell I'm wondering if you can upload some of the recently made sprites onto Showdown. I noticed Ultra Necrozma doesn't have a Shiny on PS!, I made one only to find out the original creator of the Necrozma sprite already made a shiny and it's not on PS! Honestly I was a bit salty cause of that.
Im on both main and smogtours servers. I only have about 30 mins before I have to leave. If we cant make it would tomorrow be alright? Any time is ok for me
ok we play tomorrow same time then, sorry i was in a league match lol
Opponent for DOU ssnl told me to take the win. Proof is on his profile. Do you need me to post in the thread? :x
saw your spl game where a hippowdown whirlwinded you to death I hope u r ok
Yo what's going on Joey I just made an account to share with you the greatest team ever.
I won 300 games in a row with this and have reached the top of the OU ladder, and even hacked Showdown to use this team on the Gen 1 OU ladder and made it to the top of that too. Using this team will be the greatest decision you've ever made.

p.s. your videos are fresh
Hi, we are matched on smogon ou tournament. Let me know the right time for you and please mention your timezone