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* Arceus-Flying is an excellent stallbreaker thanks to its Flying typing that allows it to viably run a mono-attacking Calm Mind and Refresh set that can go one-on-one against a majority of Ubers's bulkier Pokemon, with support Necrozma-DM being one notable example.
* Arceus-Flying is the only Arceus forme that is immune to Ground-type attacks, Spikes, and Sticky Web, which allows for more opportunities for this Pokemon to switch in, and it can be a solid check to hyper offense teams that rely on Sticky Web as well.
* Arceus-Flying is also immune to Toxic Spikes, a trait that bolsters its staying power against teams that rely on Toxic Spikes to wear down their opponents.
* Arceus-Flying's Calm Mind set is the only viable set it has that enables it to stand out in the Ubers tier, and it does not have the breathing room to effectively run anything else without being outclassed.
* While it is immune to all of the other entry hazards, Arceus-Flying is still hit hard by Stealth Rock, which can be a pain to switch in to especially when Arceus-Flying has taken damage earlier on in the match, where it is then forced to use Recover and forfeit momentum in the process.
* With Mega Salamence, Ho-Oh, and Yveltal being common Flying-type threats in Ubers, most competent teams will already have checks to Arceus-Flying by proxy, which also means that it has to compete with these Pokemon for a team slot since they offer more defensive utility and have more immediate power than Arceus-Flying does.
* Arceus-Flying is hit neutrally by plenty of Pokemon in Ubers and only has a small number of resistances, two of which are uncommon, which undermines its defensive prowess.

name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Refresh
move 3: Recover
move 4: Judgment
item: Sky Plate
ability: Multitype
nature: Timid
evs: 112 HP / 144 SpA / 252 Spe


* Calm Mind boosts Arceus-Flying's Special Attack and Special Defense, enabling it to muscle past bulkier Pokemon and stomach opposing special attacks more easily.
* Refresh rids Arceus-Flying of any status conditions, which bolsters its staying power against the many Toxic users in Ubers such as opposing Arceus formes, Primal Groudon, Ho-Oh, and Necrozma-DM.
* Recover helps Arceus-Flying regain its HP when it has been chipped away by opposing attacks, Stealth Rock, and status ailments such as poison or burn.
* Judgment is a powerful Flying-type STAB move with no drawbacks.

Set Details

* Sky Plate is required to turn Arceus into Arceus-Flying and to turn Judgment into a Flying-type STAB move.
* 252 Speed EVs and a Timid nature enables Arceus-Flying to speed tie with opposing Arceus formes and Mega Salamence, and outspeed everything slower such as Mega Lucario, Mega Diancie, and Rayquaza.
* 112 HP EVs ensure that Ice Beam and Judgment from support Arceus formes never 2HKO Arceus-Flying after Stealth Rock.
* The remaining 144 EVs go to SpA, giving Arceus-Flying more immediate power.

Usage Tips

* Arceus-Flying makes for a good lead thanks to its Judgment not having any immunities, and Arceus-Flying's natural Speed and Special Attack are quite respectable right off the bat. Not many Pokemon that are hit neutrally by Flying-type attacks appreciate taking Arceus-Flying's Judgment even when it's unboosted, so don't be afraid to play aggressively when the opposing team can't stomach Arceus-Flying's attacks very well.
* Arceus-Flying can comfortably switch in versus passive Pokemon that can't effectively break it, such as support Necrozma-DM, support Arceus formes, Mega Sableye, and support Primal Groudon variants that lack a Rock-type move, and proceed to use them as setup fodder.
* Use Refresh whenever Arceus-Flying is afflicted with a status condition to bolster its staying power against status users to prevent having to use Recover sooner than necessary, which can forfeit momentum.
* Arceus-Flying will have trouble switching in versus offensive teams due to its weakness to Stealth Rock and access to only a handful of resistances, so avoid directly switching in to most attacks unless Arceus-Flying resists, takes little neutral damage, or is immune to whatever is being used.

Team Options

* Defog users such as Giratina-O, Giratina, Xerneas, and Mega Latias are crucial partners for Arceus-Flying as they get rid of Stealth Rock. All four of these Pokemon are not weak to Stealth Rock, which means that a Stealth Rock weakness isn't stacked when using them alongside Arceus-Flying. Mega Latias, in particular, also has access to Healing Wish, a move that allows Arceus-Flying to play more aggressively earlier on in the match and not care about the damage and status conditions it will take, and it allows Arceus-Flying to switch in without taking any damage from attacks when Healing Wish is used.
* Arceus-Flying appreciates Stealth Rock setters such as Primal Groudon, Necrozma-DM, and Dialga that help it wear down opposing threats to put them in range of OHKOs and 2HKOs. Primal Groudon, in particular, handles the Rock- and Steel-types in the tier that threaten Arceus-Flying.
* Arceus-Flying pairs well with wallbreakers that dent bulkier Pokemon to put them in range of being knocked out by Arceus-Flying's Judgment. Pokemon such as offensive Necrozma-DM, Ultra Necrozma, offensive Primal Groudon, Marshadow, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Lucario offensively synergize well with Arceus-Flying.

Other Options

* Arceus-Flying doesn't have the room to viably run other moves unless it wants to be outclassed by other Arceus formes.
* Earth Power and Fire Blast can be used over Refresh on the Calm Mind set to provide more coverage. Earth Power allows Arceus-Flying to hit grounded Rock- and Steel-type Pokemon, as well as Primal Groudon, for more damage. Fire Blast hurts airborne Steel-types such as Celesteela and Skarmory, and it can seriously hurt both Ferrothorn and Mega Scizor due to their 4x weakness to Fire-type attacks, meaning Arceus-Flying won't have to wait a turn to set up Calm Mind before attacking. However, giving up Refresh voids Arceus-Flying's role as a stallbreaker, and it'll lose harder to bulkier teams when it doesn't have the ability to remove status conditions. At this point, Arceus-Fairy and Arceus-Dark will also outclass Arceus-Flying as a Calm Mind Arceus forme due to their superior defensive typings.
* A support set with Toxic, Recover, Judgment, and a choice between Defog, Earth Power or Fire Blast could be used, but with a Stealth Rock weakness, a typing that baits in Necrozma-DM, and not a lot of resistances under Arceus-Flying's belt, its usefulness is borderline nonexistent.
* A Swords Dance set with Fly, Earthquake, and either Extreme Speed or Stone Edge with Flyinium Z equipped could be used to catch some of its Specially Defensive checks off guard, but this set is forced to run Fly as the STAB move of choice, and once Supersonic Skystrike is used up, Arceus-Flying becomes very easy to play around. It also doesn't help that Celesteela and Skarmory hard counter this set, that Mega Salamence, Rayquaza, and Ho-Oh are much better physically-offensive Flying-types, and that Arceus-Ground and Arceus are superior Swords Dance-sweeping Arceus formes in just about every way.

Checks and Counters

**Rock-types**: Tyranitar, Mega Tyranitar, Mega Diancie, and Arceus-Rock resists Arceus-Flying's Judgment and retaliate with super effective Rock-type attacks. Both Tyranitar and Mega Tyranitar receive a Special Defense boost when Sand Stream is active, which makes Judgment do very little damage against them. Choice Band Tyranitar OHKOes Arceus-Flying with Stone Edge and Mega Tyranitar uses Arceus-Flying as setup fodder. Mega Diancie is not 2HKOd by Arceus-Flying's unboosted Judgment and can 2HKO back with Diamond Storm, and Arceus-Rock wins the Calm Mind war against Arceus-Flying.

**Ho-Oh**: Thanks to a titanic Special Defense stat, Ho-Oh can stomach Arceus-Flying's Judgment fairly easily. Offensive sets are able to 2HKO Arceus-Flying with Brave Bird, and a +1 Supersonic Skystrike from the Curse set OHKOs Arceus-Flying. Defensive sets are not 2HKOd by +1 Judgment and can pressure Arceus-Flying into using Refresh or Recover by using Sacred Fire and Toxic. However, if Stealth Rock is up on Ho-Oh's side of the field, it will have a much harder time in walling Arceus-Flying.

**Steel-types**: Necrozma-DM, Magearna, Celesteela, and Dialga can wall Arceus-Flying. Magearna has the bulk to stomach boosted attacks and can use Heart Swap to steal Calm Mind boosts. Searing Sunraze Smash from offensive variants of Necrozma-DM OHKO Arceus-Flying after Stealth Rock, and thanks to its solid natural bulk, Necrozma-DM can use Arceus-Flying as setup fodder. However, support variants of Necrozma-DM lose to a healthy Arceus-Flying thanks to low PP on Sunsteel Strike as well as Refresh getting rid of poison from Necrozma-DM's Toxic. Celesteela pressures Arceus-Flying to use Recover and Refresh fairly often thanks to the combination of Leech Seed and Toxic, and it has the bulk to take several boosted attacks from Judgment. Dialga can set up Stealth Rock in front of Arceus-Flying with little fear and can use Roar to phase it out, removing Calm Mind boosts and potentially forcing Arceus-Flying to switch in to Stealth Rock later on.

**Electric-types**: Zekrom and Arceus-Electric resist Arceus-Flying's Judgment and fire back with super effective Electric-type attacks. Zekrom's Bolt Strike OHKOs Arceus-Flying, and Arceus-Electric wins the Calm Mind war.

**Blissey and Chansey**: With the help of Confide, both Blissey and Chansey are able to strip Arceus-Flying of its Special Attack boosts from Calm Mind and proceed to stall it out. However, variants that don't use Confide will lose to Arceus-Flying.

**Ice-types**: Kyurem-W and Arceus-Ice cannot switch in to Arceus-Flying, especially when Stealth Rock is up on their side of the field, but they can offensively pressure it with their super effective Ice-type STABs. Choice Specs Kyurem-W's Ice Beam OHKOs an unboosted Arceus-Flying, and Arceus-Ice comes out on top in a Calm Mind mirror match.

**Ultra Necrozma**: Ultra Necrozma has the ability to use Arceus-Flying as setup fodder by staying as Necrozma-DM to resist and stomach a boosted Judgment to raise its Attack with Swords Dance. After Ultra Burst, a +2 Stone Edge OHKOs Arceus-Flying from full, and a +2 Photon Geyser and an unboosted Light That Burns the Sky can OHKO Arceus-Flying after Stealth Rock. However, Ultra Necrozma can't switch in to Arceus-Flying very well after Ultra Burst due to losing Necrozma-DM's Steel typing.

**Mega Gengar**: While Mega Gengar can't switch in to Arceus-Flying at all, if it comes in for free, it can force a trade with a combination of Taunt and Destiny Bond against an unboosted Arceus-Flying.
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